Former Notre Dame professor in running for SCOTUS nomination

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WASHINGTON  (Gray DC) -- Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Amy Coney Barrett is among the potential picks for a vacant U.S. Supreme Court seat.

Barrett spent 15 years teaching at the Notre Dame Law School before her appointment to the court last year.

Georgetown University Law School professor Randy Barnett said, “I think 15 years as a law professor and as a legal scholar having to put yourself out into the public in the form of articles is nice substitute for having written a lot of judicial opinions.”

Barnett said Barrett’s writings prove her to be someone who interprets the Constitution as it was originally written, and is known as an originalist.

Late Justice Antonin Scalia and current Justice Neil Gorsuch are known originalists as well.

Many in Washington are speculating how that could impact the way she rules on specific cases, like one that could challenge Roe versus Wade, the 1973 decision which made abortion available in all 50 states.

Barnett said, “I think it’s a mistake to focus on issues or outcomes of cases which I agree is what many in the Senate do, what many in the public do, what the interests groups do, what the media does.”

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