Former CIA Operative says Rep. Ratcliffe nomination is too political

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WASHINGTON (GrayDC) Former CIA Operative and author Lindsay Moran said Rep. John Ratcliffe's (R-TX) nomination to be director of nation intelligence (DNI) is too political.

Former CIA Operative Lindsay Moran discussed her take on the nomination of Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe to be the director of national intelligence at the Gray DC Bureau on Monday. (Source: GrayDC)

"This is undeniably the appointment of someone who's very loyal to the President and pretty unabashedly partisan," Moran said.

She said the role of the DNI is to speak truth to power and to tell leadership what they may not want to hear. She said the nomination created a "ripple of concern" in the intelligence community.

Dan Coats, the current director of national intelligence, is resigning. President Trump announced his Aug. 15 departure in a tweet on Sunday. Coats was in the position for two years.

In a letter of resignation released Sunday night, Coats said serving as the nation’s top intelligence official has been a “distinct privilege” but that it was time for him to “move on” to the next chapter of his life. He cited his work to strengthen the intelligence community’s effort to prevent harm to the U.S. from adversaries and to reform the security clearance process.

Moran said she is concerned Ratcliffe's nomination and potential appointment will impact morale in the intelligence community.

Sen. Cornyn (R-TX) spoke on the Senate floor on Monday about the nomination.

“I was also glad to see that the President has chosen a worthy successor to that position in my friend Congressman John Ratcliffe," said Cornyn.

Ratcliffe will be up for a U.S. Senate majority-confirmation vote, likely after the August Congressional recess.

Watch the full interview with Moran above.

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