Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum boosts Va candidates for office

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FAIRFAX STATION, Va. (GrayDC) -- Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum – the former Tallahassee mayor who ran for Governor in the heated 2018 elections - is hitting the road to help other Democrats. Washington Bureau Correspondent Alana Austin reports from northern Virginia on why he’s getting involved in these state and local battle-ground races.

Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum campaigns for Virginia candidates for state legislative office in the off-off year elections in November. (Source: GrayDC)

Gillum narrowly lost in last year’s Governor’s race. Now he is in Virginia to help other Democrats get over the finish line.

Gillum left his home state of Florida and is traveling around the country to help out Democrats seeking office. In Virginia this November, it’s an off-off year campaign season for state legislative races.

Gillum says he’s especially energized to lift up young, progressive candidates who can send a message leading up to the 2020 Presidential race.

“You all have consequential races here in the state house, in the state senate, that quite frankly: power hangs in the balance and so these young, next-up candidates that we were here to support today in my opinion represent the best of what this state has to offer. They represent the future," said Gillum.

Republican Srilekha Palle is seeking local office in Fairfax County. While the position is non-partisan, she says the Democratic agenda is overall very different than the GOP’s.

“I feel that as a Republican candidate, I’m very focused on restoring fiscal discipline," said Palle. "I’m not very sure if my liberal friends are.”

Last election cycle, power of the Virginia General Assembly came down to a single vote. Gillum says what voters decide in 2019 will impact policies for a generation.

“The frank truth is is that given what we have been seeing at the national level, the national tenor of politics has just been so in my opinion - so inhumane," said Gillum.

Election day is November 5th. After this event, Gillum made his way to another rally with Virginia Democrats in Norfolk. He arrived in Virginia earlier in the day by way of another political event in Seattle.

Some key issues ahead for Virginia: re-drawing the political maps, and setting policies like gun control and immigration.

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