Fallen Hawaii Police Officer remembered at National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Officer Bronson Kaliloa was remembered in our Nation’s Capital Wednesday at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service. Kaliloa, who was shot and killed in September last year, was recognized along with officers around the country.

Keone Kaliloa honors his brother at the National Peace Officers' Memorial Service. (Source: Gray DC)

His was the lone name called from the state of Hawaii. Kaliloa was killed in July, 2018 during a traffic stop. His name now lives in Hawaiian and American history.

“I don’t know if it provides closure,” said Keone Kaliloa, Bronson’s brother.

Keone is in Washington with other family members honoring the man they loved. He says this National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service is another way to remember his brother and the many others who lost their lives in the line of duty.

“It’s a mixed emotion day. But it’s a good day. You can see all the support that people get,” said Kaliloa.

He says we are all reminded of the sacrifice officers give and the need for peace across the country. Keone says the events of the week are proper tributes.

“It keeps the name alive. It keeps a lot of the officers, even from years past...it just keeps the memory alive,” said Kaliloa.

He says the service helps families like his carry on.

“You realize that you’re not the only one in this position. There’s a lot of families out there that are going through this same thing,” said Kaliloa.

Following the memorial service National Police Week continues in Washington. It concludes Thursday with a conference focused on learning how to cope as a surviving family member or colleague.