Everett High School Band performs at Inaugural concert

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) A local high school marching band is in Washington D.C. this week, taking part in the inauguration festivities.

The Everett High School Marching Band from Lansing, MI was chosen to perform at the Presidential Inaugural Concert on Thursday. It was a performance opportunity of a lifetime for the 47 members of the band.

"It's just a big honor to even be here,” said freshman, Kamile Ruiz.

Ruiz said this trip really reinforces her love for music.

“Since, we have been doing this, it just makes me want to continue to do it all through high school and maybe through college,” Ruiz said.

A high profile event like this, enough to give some band members butterflies.

"It's hard to explain. I wasn't nervous and then I was really nervous,” said sophomore, Allison Prouty. “Then, I just kind of went with the flow."

Just southwest of the Lincoln memorial, the Voices of the People concert features 14 marching bands and singing groups from all across the country.

“It was very emotional for me. It's a long way from home and they have done a fabulous job,” said band director, Penny Filonczuk.

Filonczuk says she found out that the band had been invited to play in this concert over Holiday break.

“It's been three weeks of just pushing them, push push push push,” Filonczuk explained.

“We've practiced on a daily basis. The last song they played at the concert they got about ten days ago. They learned it, memorized it. So, they took it upon themselves that this was a fabulous opportunity and they took the goal and they achieved that goal."

The band won’t be attending the Inauguration ceremony on Friday, but will be sightseeing and visiting museums.