Everest Metro detectives honored as "top cops" in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Everest Metro Police Department [WI] detectives Daniel Goff and Leah Long are being honored in Washington, D.C. as "top cops".

The award comes from the National Association of Police Organizations.

Goff said, “It’s really hard to receive an award like this.”

That's because the awards stem from the officers actions on March 22nd, 2017.

That's when a gunman shot and killed Detective Jason Weiland, that's after the same gunman killed three others.

Goff said, “For us, it’s all about Jason and his family, and the other victims. Karen Barclay, Dianne Look, and Sara Quirt Sann.”

Long is being honored for trying to save Weiland after he was shot, Goff for retuning fire at the gunman who took those four victims’ lives.

Goff said, “Any one of us involved would rather not have an award and we’d want our friends and our community members back -- so they can be with their loved ones.”

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