Easter tradition rolls on at the White House

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- President Donald Trump and his family opened up the doors to thousands of kids and families for the annual Easter egg roll.

The day after Easter -- thousands of kids took over the White House lawn. They jostled for eggs and negotiated for candy.

“It was a lot of fun," said Lauren Canton, a mom who attended the event.

Canton and her little bunnies drove in from Ashburn, Virginia for this classic spring celebration. They joined in the annual Easter Egg roll with thousands more from across the country.

The White House says as many as 30,000 came out for the big event.

This is the 140th Easter egg roll. This tradition dates back to the 1870s under the presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes.

Kids skipped over history and hopped from bowling to cookie decoration...going eggstatic for the main event.

“The egg hunt was the biggest activity that we loved to do," said Canton.

Kids and their parents scurried down these lanes with wooden spoons, flinging hard-boiled eggs to the finish line.

“I think my favorite part was like going around and seeing stuff," said Owen Lewandowski, who attended the egg roll.

The President, First Lady and their son appeared to enjoy the scene.

“It’s an honor to have everybody on behalf of the Trump family - many of whom are with us - right here in the audience, I just want to thank you. This is a special year," said the President during his address from the South Lawn balcony to the crowd.

The special day takes months of planning, and those who put this all together are likely already dreaming up ideas for next year.

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