ELECTION NIGHT RECAP: Trump administration faces a divided Congress

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* Democrats gain majority of the US House of Representatives, GOP maintains its power in the US Senate.
* Several Democratic Senators lose their seats (MO Sen. Claire McCaskill, IN Sen. Joe Donnelley & ND Sen. Heidi Heitkamp).
* Democrats push out NV GOP Sen. Dean Heller, but appear on track to lose in Florida & Arizona with close US Senate races.
* The Trump administration must now work with a divided Congress, as Democrats are poised to gain at least 27 House seats & GOP is likely to grow its majority in the upper chamber.
* STATE RACES: Democrats gained seven Governor’s offices, while GOP is on track to fend off tough gubernatorial competitions in states like FL & GA. Democrats are also poised to flip hundreds of state legislative seats. These races strongly impact local issues and redistricting through the upcoming 2020 census.

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