Details still emerging on White House's ethanol policy

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Lawmakers leave a White House meeting with a deal on ethanol regulations but aren’t describing the deal the same way.

Here’s what pro-ethanol Iowa senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley say they got –

· lifting the ban on selling E15 in June, July, August, and part of September
· Sen. Ted Cruz’s [R-TX] plan scrapped, which would restrict the cost refineries can charge competitors that don’t produce their fair share of ethanol blended gas.

Cruz says there’s an agreement to lower the requirement of ethanol being blended into the nation’s fuel supply by factoring in exported ethanol.

Cruz said, “…which is a big win for the blue-collar refiner workers whose jobs were in jeopardy and indeed whose refineries were facing bankruptcy or potential bankruptcy.”

However, Ernst and Grassley say they have not agreed to that.

Ernst said, “That is not our intent. What we want to see is that the volume obligations remain the same – or go higher if at all possible. So again, we’ll have to explore that a little bit more…”

The White House set up the meeting. We asked spokespeople which side has the details right. Despite repeated requests for information, they won’t even acknowledge there is a deal, let alone what’s in it.

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