Democrats are gaining a foothold in Texas, according to one political expert

WASHINGTON (GrayDC) -- With 228 delegates up for grabs, Texas is playing a bigger role this Super Tuesday.

Dr. Todd Belt, a professor and political expert with George Washington University, explained the dynamics surrounding Super Tuesday in the Lone Star State. (Source: Gray DC)

Experts say Texas is in play this election season. The Democratic candidates are spending time and resources now to try and flip the historically-red state.

Candidate Mike Bloomberg alone is is spending millions in ads across the state to garner votes. And the candidates have teams on the ground talking to directly to voters.

Political experts say the Lone Star State appears to be turning blue in and around major cities along I-35, like Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, basically exposing a blue spine down the middle of Texas.

Dr. Todd Belt, a professor at the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, said a lot of new Democrats will be voting for the first time because of the mass migration of people to Texas.

“Republicans have depended on Texas being solidly red for so much time…Democrats are gaining a foothold in Texas and if they continue to build momentum in Texas, that can make it competitive. Whether they win it or not, whether they win it in or not in the general election, that’s still a big win in terms of how campaigns are waged," said Dr. Belt.

Belt said this primary is one of the first tests to gauge which way Texans will lean.

He said even with the large number of candidates still fighting for the nomination, Democrats are united under one common goal—winning the White House back in November.

The professor said he is expecting a larger voter turnout in the general election come November.

We’re just nine months out from the general election. Belt told our Gray Television reporter the one thing that may impact the election come November is actually the coronavirus because there’s still uncertainty on how it will fully affect the economy, in local communities and across the nation.

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