Dean of the House Don Young navigates third impeachment process

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Alaska’s lone House member has more experience than any of his colleagues on Capitol Hill. That experience includes witnessing three impeachment hearings firsthand. Rep. Don Young (R-AK) does not like where things are headed in the latest inquiry.

Rep. Don Young (R-AK) says lawmakers worked better together during the first two impeachment processes of his tenure. (Source: Gray DC)

“This one’s not the same,” said Young.

Over 46 years in office, Young is dealing with the possibility of removing a president for the third time. President Richard Nixon’s hearings in 1974, President Bill Clinton’s in 1998, and now President Donald Trump. Young says lawmakers managed to work together on the first two.

“There wasn’t the rancor. There wasn’t the exposure, I think, of hostility,” said Young.

Young says lawmakers do not work across the aisle as much as they used to.

“We’re not doing the job as we should be doing and that’s bad for the nation,” said Young.

He thinks members have their heels dug in, with disagreements on the politics and structure of this investigation.

While Young preaches bipartisanship, he blames Democrats for a so-called “sham” process. He voted in favor of inquiries into Nixon and Clinton, but rejects the current inquiry calling it unfair and a total charade.

Historian Allan Lichtman says Republicans are sticking up for the president in this process because they have no other political options.

“What’s left of the Republican Party is Donald Trump, that’s why Republicans fear they can’t abandon Donald Trump,” said Lichtman.

He says this hyper-partisanship did not exist in prior investigations. He thinks political shifts toward extremes created this new age of division.

“They’re all part of it, I don’t see it ending anytime soon,” said Lichtman.

If the House votes in favor of impeaching President Trump, the Senate will then hold a trial on whether to convict him.

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