Davenport Marine laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery

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ARLINGTON, VA (Gray DC) -- A Davenport Marine now has a final resting place at Arlington National Cemetery.

Thursday morning, Lance Cpl. John D. Killen III was honored at a burial ceremony at the cemetery. The Marine served and went missing in the Vietnam War.

John's sister, Mary Boozer, said of the ceremony, “It was a beautiful experience, lots of emotion.”

Boozer was joined at the ceremony with two other siblings, David Killen and Rebecca Anne Bailey.

John had been missing for 50 years, and the family didn’t think they’d see the Marine honored at Arlington.

Killen said, “I feel a peace and comfort of knowing that he’s not laying in Vietnam, he’s home. Closure - I’ve never understood it, I don’t know if I have closure or not. I have peace and comfort.”

Bailey said, “Sitting in front of the casket and actually knowing that… and touching the casket and actually knowing that my brother is in there… ya that’s what I’ve been wanting.”

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