Could Rep. Ratcliffe (R-TX) be the country's next top prosecutor?

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- As controversy swirls around the country’s acting attorney general, a Texas representative may be in the running to earn the job on a permanent basis.

Spokespeople for Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) said they’re not addressing questions about rumors and reports that President Trump is considering him for the job. The White House wouldn’t discuss it with us either.

But, conservative legal scholar John Malcolm of the Heritage Foundation said the short-list to become the country’s next top prosecutor is actually quite long. Malcolm said Ratcliffe’s credentials as a former federal terrorism prosecutor, U.S. Attorney for Eastern Texas, and lawmaker leave him with the right resume for the job.

"I think he certainly is well-qualified," said Malcolm while noting, "I don’t think he quite has the profile of say a Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), or a [former New Jersey Governor] Chris Christie, or [Florida Attorney General] Pam Bondi."

Under the law, the president has a little more than six months left before he has to make a pick to succeed acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.
Malcolm expects a decision will come after Special Counsel Robert Mueller completes his investigation into possible ties between the president’s campaign and Russia.

"You’re hearing rumors of the president beginning the interview process," said Malcolm, "but which one of these people will emerge is a bit difficult to say at this point."

Rep. Ratcliffe will be back to work in the House next week when Congress returns from the Thanksgiving break.

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