Congresswoman-elect Slotkin (D-MI) focusing on campaign finance reform and healthcare

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Congresswoman-elect Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) is returning home after spending most of the week in D.C.

She joined many of the newly elected members of Congress for orientation week.

Slotkin, a democrat, flipped Michigan’s 8th Congressional District blue by beating republican incumbent Mike Bishop.

She says her priorities are a campaign finance reform bill, which she says will be the first bill introduced next year, she also says improving healthcare is another priority.

Slotkin said, “There’s lots of ways that we can do this. But you got to do it by making it affordable, increasing choice, and frankly on Medicare for all I have a hard time understanding how you pay for it. That’s all.”

Slotkin says she will return to Lansing and work on opening a constituent service office in the city.

She’ll head back to D.C. after Thanksgiving for more work before being sworn into office during the first week of January.

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