Congressman talks innovation, education and economic growth in weekly address

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WASHINGTON (GRAY-TV) --- Congressman Jim Himes (D-Conn.) started the weekly Democratic address by describing what his state was like decades ago: busy factories that produced everything from clothing to weapons. Now, he said, those factories are replaced by "weeds and windblown concrete."

He said new technology and a global market can mean that those factory workers get left behind and lose more than a wage.

"Dignity, worth and a sense of belonging also seep away. Pride and community turned to fear and division," said Himes.

He went on to say the president blames this loss of jobs on immigrants, Democrats, Muslims and the media.

"He promises walls and promotes division and he delivers nothing: not jobs, not opportunity, not unity," he said.

Himes suggested that the answer is strong public education and programs to teach new skills for a changing work landscape.

"The core of our economic success has always been hardworking Americans growing businesses and the sturdy playing field on which they compete," he said.

Himes said in order to build a better future, Americans need to focus on investing in education and not get distracted by divisions within the country.