Congressman-elect Bryan Steil arrives on Capitol Hill, begins work to replace Paul Ryan

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- For the first time in two decades, a new face will represent Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. That's because Congressman Paul Ryan will retire at the end of the year, and chose not to run for re-election this year.

Congressman-elect Bryan Steil (R-WI) is in Washington, D.C. for new member orientation, and preparing to take over for Congressman Paul Ryan.

When asked about following in Ryan's footsteps, Steil said, “I’m excited for the opportunity to come and serve. I think Paul Ryan teaches you a lot on how to interact, how to behave, and how to get things done.”

Steil said he wants to work with Democrats and Republicans to accomplish his goals for Southeast Wisconsin.

Steil said that includes addressing healthcare costs, making federal spending more efficient, and closing the skills gap.

Steil will be sworn in for a two-year term during the first week of January.

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