Congressman Fleming fighting White House climate policies with NDAA amendment

Congressman Fleming (R-LA) says the threats of ISIS and China need to be addressed, not so called "global warming".
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Fight wars, not climate change. One Louisiana Congressman is putting his foot down on funding the battle against global warming, saying it is not a threat to national security, as some other politicians claim.

"I think that there a lot more threats and a lot worse threats than so called global warming,” said Congressman John Fleming (R-LA).

Fleming’s provision in the House version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) prohibits defense dollars from being used to fund President Obama’s Executive Orders on climate change and green energy. He says ISIS and China are far more glaring threats.

"It’s nonsense for us to waste money unnecessarily on so called green energy fuel when we have some of the lowest cost forms of fossil fuels right now that are very clean,” said Fleming.

President Obama recently said climate change is an immediate risk to national security.

And as for the green energy, the White House said in a statement, “A diverse approach to energy security, one that includes both conventional and new sources, will benefit the economy and enhance our military capability.”

Fleming doesn’t see it that way.

"The White House is pretty much standing alone on this,” said Fleming. "There is not any significant number of scientists, there’s certainly no generals that I’m aware of, who have any interest of going this way at all.”

The House passed Fleming’s amendment. He expects the Senate to show similar support as that chamber continues to debate the funding bill. The White House says if presented with the House version of the bill, it would veto.

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