Congress set to bid final farewell to Sen. John McCain

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- In just a matter of hours, the public will be able to say goodbye to John McCain. His body will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol Friday.

The man known for straight-talk and putting principle over party will become just the 13th senator to receive the honor — his casket placed at the center of the Capitol Rotunda.

The late-morning ceremony honoring Sen. John McCain will look similar to February's remembrance for the late Rev. Billy Graham.

President Donald Trump will not pay his respects in-person to the late Arizona senator, former republican presidential nominee, fighter pilot, and prisoner of war. But, Vice President Mike Pence, and party leaders from both sides of the aisle will offer remarks to a crowd made up of family, lawmakers, military leaders and governors.

Members of the public will have a chance to say their goodbyes between one p.m. and eight p.m.

Saturday there will be a private funeral service at the National Cathedral – featuring eulogies from former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Sunday, McCain will be laid to rest at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

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