Conference puts Caribbean representatives on same path forward following 2017 hurricanes

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- "This event has proven that we have shared vulnerabilities,' Selwin Hart, Ambassador of Barbados to the United States said.

Nearly six months after hurricanes hit the region, Island leaders are joining forces to find a common ground.

The two day conference in Washington D.C. this week combined lessons learned from the 2017 hurricane season and gave attendees ideas to prepare for when the next natural disaster hits.

“How did we prepare ourselves for the season that’s about to be upon us particularly when a lot of our Islands are still pretty vulnerable," Rep. Stacey Plaskett, (D-USVI-At Large) said.

The focus of Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett’s speech here is much of the same message she’s been delivering on Capitol Hill. That’s how to be strategic in the rebuild of the US Virgin Islands so they able to withstand the next storm.

“I think we’ve gotten to a place after what happen in September, where we can now begin to have, ok what did we do right what did we do wrong?" Plaskett added.

Selwin Hart, US Ambassador to Barbados, added that where the Caribbean can improve is in the energy sector. He said the region could be the first to go 100% renewable and it could help them reach the long-term goals.

“We just need to do it together as a region," Hart added.

Just one of the many takeaways from the meeting that brought so many different areas of the Caribbean together, unified on a path to recovery.

“It’s not the water that divides us but the water that unites us," Plaskett finished.

Congresswoman Plaskett has been working on Capitol Hill to get the Island back up and running. She introduced a bill that would get the local economy moving again. That bill has bipartisan support and it’s next stop is the House floor for a vote.

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