Community and government leaders joined Administration to discuss making child care affordable.

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The Administration hosted state and local officials Thursday at the White House to talk about helping working families across the country.

Missouri's Gov. Michael Parson talk about the importance of paid leave and affordable child care outside of the White House on Thursday. (Source: Gray DC)

The Summit on Child Care and Paid Leave was the culimination of a series of roundtables about the two issues.

In 2018, President Trump signed the Child Care and Development Block Grant, helping low-income families get access to quality child care, according to the White House. The Administration said he is continuing his mission to make child care more affordable.

Brittany Hasemenn, a mother to three kids, knows something about the high costs of childcare in western Colorado.

"It is absolutely ridiculous," she said. She said families cannot afford the steep price.

She is hoping the Administration listens to her concerns and other's concerns to fix the problem.

Mississippi's Gov. Phil Bryant said child care and paid leave are both bipartisan issues. He said the today's children are the future workforce.

Meanwhile, he acknowledges Mississippi does not have an equal pay law on the books.

"We've got a lot of work to do," said Bryant. He said he hopes the incoming Gov. Tate Reeves will work on that issue.

Missouri's Gov. Michael Parson was also in attendance. He echoed Bryant's desire to help working families. He said he wants to provide more daycare for working women.

Parson said the Administration is looking into fixing the child care cliff, where middle-income families cannot take advantage of the assistance programs for low-income families.

The Administration said the President has made strides during his presidency. The President doubled the child tax credit, helping about 40 million Americans this year, according to the White House.

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