Colorado's Sen. pushes for hotline for mental health emergencies

WASHINGTON (GrayDC) -- Colorado's Sen. Cory Gardner is joining other lawmakers in calling for a mental health emergency hotline.

Sen. Gardner (R-CO) discusses the importance of creating a hotline for mental health emergencies at Russell Rotunda on Capitol Hill. (Source: Gray DC)

Gardner introduced the bipartisan bill last week. The legislation calls for the creation of a 9-8-8 hotline to connect people with the specialized help they need.

“This will allow people to have access to a counselor on the spot, around the clock in a time of need," said Gardner.

Gardner said the legislation has support from the Federal Communications Commission. He said they will continue to work with the FCC on this initiative.

The Senator is hoping the Senate will markup the bill in November. Then, he hopes lawmakers can work on passing the legislation.

Watch the full interview with Sen. Gardner above.

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