Colorado to decide on Sen. Gardner's Democratic challenger

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC)-- “I expect Hickenlooper to squeak through at least."

Former Gov. John Hickenlooper is running against former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff for the Democratic Senate nomination. (Source: Gray DC)

Political expert Mark Rom said while the race for the Democratic Senate nomination in Colorado is narrower than expected, he still sees John Hickenlooper emerging as the winner.

The former governor, once strongly ahead, is now facing a tighter margin due to his response to the death of George Floyd and an ethics hearing where he was fined more than $2,000 for taking gifts and private jet trips as governor.

Gray DC reached out to the Hickenlooper campaign for comment, but they were unable to coordinate an interview for this story.

Hickenlooper still leads in the most recent poll, and has picked up endorsements from a number of former Romanoff supporters. While Hickenlooper may still be considered the favorite, his opponent Andrew Romanoff, former Colorado House speaker did experience a surge in June.

Romanoff said he’s the candidate best suited to bring local issues to Capitol Hill.

“We’ve picked up endorsements from about 400 county commissioners, mayors, school board members, legislators- some of which I served with," Romanoff said. "We have a grassroots campaign poised to defeat the Washington establishment.”

But Mark Rom says he expects voters to stick with what they know and put aside any scandals from their former governor.

“I think there probably are enough Democratic voters who say Hickenlooper may not be an angel, but he’s a Democrat," Rom said. "And any Democrat is going to be better than Republican Cory Gardner.”

Sen. Gardner provided the following statement to Gray DC regarding his Democratic challengers:

“No matter who democratic primary voters choose, Colorado has never seen a more radical liberal candidate than who will emerge as my eventual opponent - and John Hickenlooper still has to answer to voters for violating the Colorado Constitution. While Hickenlooper and Romanoff duke it out touting socialized medicine and a Green New Deal, I’m going to keep fighting to deliver commonsense wins for Colorado.”

Senator Gardner’s seat is one of 23 Republican Senate seats up for re-election this November.

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