2019 Bicycle Collector's card deck promotes the military community in a "post 9/11" world

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- It's been 16 years since Bicycle released their "Most Wanted Iraqi's" Collector's Card Deck. This year, Marjorie K. Eastman created an updated deck: the Frontline Leaders, featuring organizations that were shaped by this "post 9/11" America.

The 2019 Frontline Leaders Card Deck lays alongside the 2003 Collector's Deck that inspired it, the Iraqi Most Wanted. (Source: Gray DC)

"Fast forward to today, and it's the first time that Bicycle has done a collectible that's military-related since 9/11," Eastman said. "And now we have the deck of the good guys, which is our military community."

Eastman served following 9/11 as a U.S. Army intelligence officer and commander. Her service as a member of the military following 9/11 is discussed in her 2017 book, "The Frontline Generation," and inspired the deck she created.

The deck features 52 businesses and charities that are connected to the military in some way. Every branch of the military, along with Gold Star families, are all represented in the deck.

"It's hard to pick a favorite," Eastman said.

Eastman said meeting the owners of each company and charity reminded her of the connection shared in the military community.

Nine Line Apparel from Savannah, Georgia, Team RWB from Florida and LumAware in Woodlawn, Ohio are among some of the companies featured on the cards.

The deck is available for purchase until the end of 2019.
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