Cedar Rapids councilwoman attends municipal leaders conference at the White House

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- A Cedar Rapids councilwoman spent the day at the White House on Thursday. She was invited to a Women Municipal Leaders Conference.

Cedar Rapids councilwoman Ashley Vanorny discussed the biggest issues for her city outside the White House on Thursday. (Source: Gray DC)

A member of the Iowa League of Cities Executive Board, Ashley Vanorny said she appreciated the invitation.

Vanorny said she wanted to extend her gratitude for the $76 million in grants for flood protection work.

"I've experienced at least 4 major floods and that $76 million will give us security so we can grow Cedar Rapids like we intend to," said Vanorny.

She said the leaders are planning to raise taxes, but that will not be enough to fund all flood protection efforts and mitigation.

Vanorny said she also planned to talk about infrastructure development with the Administration, and was looking forward to hearing other local leaders talk about issues like food insecurity.

The White House hosted about 80 women mayors and city councilwomen, according to the Administration.

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