Caught on camera: FedEx impersonator robs family in New York

NEW YORK (WPIX/CNN) - A Brooklyn, New York couple and their daughter were gagged and bound by robbers in their home Monday, one of whom posed as a FedEx delivery man to get inside the house.

A robbery suspect made his way into a New York family's home by posing as a FedEx delivery man. (Source: WPIX via CNN)

A neighbor saw the guys drive off and even got video of the car they were in before he ran in to untie the family.

Security camera video shows a man dressed like a FedEx worker marching up the stairs and knocking until a man inside opens the door.

Once allowed inside, he was quickly followed by a second thief.

In the living room, they tied up the two homeowners and their daughter as they went about searching for money and jewelry, coordinating their efforts on walkie-talkies.

At one point they tried to force the homeowners to open a safe.
Neighbor Gary Baxter heard the safe being dragged down the front steps of his neighbors’ home.

“Just watched that and said this is not correct. So, I ran back in, got my trusty phone, took the shot,” Baxter said.

He says a Jeep he captured on camera appears to be the getaway vehicle.

Baxter and his wife then ran inside to check on their neighbors. She snapped a few pictures of as he removed the tape from their wrists and mouths.

"Stunned, they made absolutely no movement. I just tried to comfort them as I took the tape off, very quiet. I go in, I said relax, take it easy, nice. I try to comfort them a little bit. I try to take the tape off, because they're old people. They've got tape on their mouths, duct tape,” Baxter said.

Police say the robbers made off with $125,000 in cash and jewelry in a well-organized strike.

“Absolutely 100% guaranteed coordinated, no two ways about it. They went in there and knew exactly where to go,” Baxter said.

A family member of the victims says they're doing okay but their sense of safety has been shattered.

At this point, police aren’t sure if they were specifically targeted or it was a random attack.

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