Casper's 'guardian angel' is honored in Washington

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - One of Casper’s own is getting national recognition this week. Endless acts of kindness landed Vickie Jasmann in a spot she never envisioned.

Vickie Jasmann says she is being approached by more volunteer groups than ever.

“Not in a dream,” said Jasmann.

The Casper native is too humble to admit that she deserves nothing less than the star-studded event; the 46th Annual Jefferson Awards recognizing her and hundreds of others across the country for community service.

“We’re honoring each other and it’s really great to meet a lot of people who are doing things for their communities,” said Jasmann.

Jasmann’s good deeds back home landed her in Washington. Over 10 years she has fostered roughly 200 children, adopting one as her own. She has done it all while battling an incurable blood cancer.

“I think if I stayed home I’d start feeling miserable...feeling sorry for myself and I don’t want to do that,” said Jasmann.

She says the desire to do good brings people together. As proof she points to those in the room from every corner of the country, and her own 1,800-mile journey just to meet them.

“(It) Feels good to do things,” said Jasmann.

Asked if anything can slow her down or make her take a break from helping out in Casper, Jasmann says she is being approached by more volunteer groups than ever. She plans to help as many of them as she can, for as long as she can.

While Vickie was a nominee, she did not take home the national award.