Calumet man rests in peace half a century after going missing in Vietnam

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- A Michigan family finds closure Thursday, as their long-lost loved one is laid to rest with military honors.

Marshall Kipina of Calumet now has a place in Arlington National Cemetery – the country’s most hallowed cemetery. The funeral service comes 52 years after the 21-year-old’s Army staff sergeant’s plane went missing over Laos – in the midst of the Vietnam War.

Thursday, his family finally had its chance to say good-bye to their loved one, and the plane’s pilot – 31-year-old – Lt. Col. Robert Nopp. The two soldiers who served and died together will be buried side-by-side.

Kipina’s family did not speak with us on-camera, but said they’re honored by the tireless work to bring their hero home and provide closure to families like theirs.

Nearly 1,600 American servicemen and civilians are still unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.

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