Autoworkers oppose potential tariffs on imported cars

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WASHINGTON  (Gray DC) -- Auto workers say they’re worried about their jobs.

This comes as the Trump administration weighs the need for tariffs on imported cars and car parts.

Thursday, workers drove-into Washington to say no to those potential tariffs.

Jennifer Adair, who works at a Toyota plant in southern Indiana, said, “My biggest concern is for not only our jobs now, but future jobs for Toyota.”

John Hall, who works for Hyundai in Alabama, said, “We’re really counting on Washington to help us out. In the marketplace we may all be competitive, but when it comes to issues that affects all of our jobs, we’re all united.”

John Bozzella, the president and CEO of Global Automakers explained, “Extremely high taxes on cars will slow demand for cars, fewer people will buy cars because they will be too expensive, when fewer people buy cars there will be less automotive production, and when there’s less automotive production, we may see layoffs.”

This is all part of the Department of Commerce’s investigation into whether car imports present a national security threat. If the investigation finds that is the case, it would allow President Trump to impose tariffs.

A spokesperson for the Department tells us there’s no proposed action yet, but the department will keep collecting and analyzing facts, and will send a report to President Trump in a couple months showing whether tariffs are justified.

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