Augusta government leaders attend annual trip to Washington D.C

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- A local group from Georgia is pushing to ‘Save the Pool’ in Washington.

Rep. Buddy Carter speaks with Augusta government leaders during their 24th annual trip to D.C

Central Savanah River Area officials are on their 24th annual trip to D.C. While they have a jam-packed week, they say there are hoping to spark some serious discussions with lawmakers.

Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. says one of their main goals is to fight for the future of the lock and dam at the Savanah River.

“The army Corp. of Engineers has made a decision to replace the lock and dam and put a fish passage in,” said Davis. “We are very concerned about that as it effects Augusta’s water pool.”

Mayor Davis says the CSRA’s water supply will be threatened if the pool behind the dam dips too low. It’s an issue Rep. Buddy Carter from the 1st district told the group he’s also been keeping his eye on.

“It’s very important that we pay attention to what’s going on,” said Carter. “We don’t live in a bubble and we need to take that into consideration, and I think we have.”

The group says they plan to discuss this topic with more Congress-members and administration officials throughout the week.

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