Arizona Chile Roasters featured at 'Made in America' at the White House

WASHINGTON (GrayDC) The White House celebrated companies making products right here in the U.S.

Daphne McBroom, the owner of Arizona Chile Roasters, showed off their machine at the 'Made in America' event at the White House. (Source: GrayDC)

President Donald Trump hosted his third “Made in America” event at the White House Monday. The President and Vice President Mike Pence were there to take a look at the homegrown goods. Businesses hailing from all 50 states showed off their American-made products.

The Arizona Chile Roasters's owner is fired up to be in the nation’s capital.

Daphne McBroom said the invite to the White House is the biggest honor she and her husband have ever had. Arizona Chile Roasters—a company of only 3 employees based in Catalina—makes roasters to cook vegetables.

“Surreal, surreal. It’s exciting. We’re just so thrilled,” said McBroom, the owner of the company.

McBroom’s company works directly with the produce, hot sauce and salsa industries. It’s their busy season right now since chilis are getting harvested and are ready for roasting. But she could not pass up the opportunity to attend the White House event.

“We feel honored to represent the state as well as the country in manufacturing,” said McBroom.

Arizona Chile Roasters started in 1999. McBroom said the company is doing great.

“Wonderful things are on the horizon. It’s all positive,” said the owner.

President Trump told the crowd Monday it is important to keep companies in the U.S. and support the American workforce.

“You’re also devoted to one of the greatest missions on Earth, making the best products from the best materials with the best workers anywhere in the world,” said the President.

McBroom will be heading back to Catalina Monday night to a busy schedule.

“We have a lot of orders to fulfill,” she said.

McBroom hopes this pro-American economy continues.

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