Anchorage printing business team honored in D.C.

WASHINGTON (GrayDC) Small business owners from across the country are honored for growing their business and helping their community. It’s all part of National Small Business Week in the nation’s capital. An Anchorage printing company was among those recognized for their dedication.

Jan Tatham and Shelley Bramstedt accept the award for Small Business Person of the Year for PIP Printing of AK in Anchorage. The event was part of National Small Business Week. (Source: Gray DC)

“Pretty amazing,” said Jan Tatham, Vice President of PIP Printing in Anchorage, Alaska.

“It is very exciting and very shocking,” said Shelley Bramstedt, Secretary and Treasurer of PIP Printing.

PIP Printing in Anchorage is Alaska’s Small Business of the Year. Jan Tatham and Shelley Bramstedt own the franchise. PIP Printing Alaska prints banners, signs, mailings and brochures for businesses throughout the city.

“We can wrap vehicles. We wrap city buses. We can do it all,” said Bramstedt.

Tatham and Bramstedt credit the success to their employees, many who have been there for more than a decade.

“In many ways, it’s the commitment to our customers. And we have to say that’s a big part of that is because of our employees. We have some dedicated employees,” said Bramstedt.

Acting SBA Administrator Chris Pilkerton says small business owners like Tatham and Bramstedt are perfect examples of what it means to be an entrepreneur—to invest in their communities and dream big.

“Small businesses, you hear the term, are the backbone of the country, they really are the engine that drives the economy,” said Pilkerton.

“Someone suggested go to the SBA, and we did and we were hooked up with someone and they were all on board—that was how we got started in our success,” said Tatham.

Tatham and Bramstedt attended many business seminars while they were in D.C. for National Small Business Week. They will be bringing what they learned back to Alaska on Tuesday.

John Tatham, President of PIP Printing, was also honored from PIP Printing at the event in Washington, D.C. But he was not in attendance to accept the award.

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