Amazon officially announces its big move to Virginia

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- It’s official - the tech giant Amazon is setting up its headquarters in Virginia.

The major company will bring tens of thousands of jobs to Northern Virginia and today, Senator Tim Kaine says there could be a big ripple effect from this move. Our Washington Reporter Alana Austin has the story from Capitol Hill.

Leading up to this announcement, states across the country were fighting to bring Amazon to their communities.

But to the victor’s go the spoils: Virginia’s leaders saying this is great news for the Commonwealth’s economy, job opportunities and the education system.

Amazon made its decision in part because of a hefty incentive package offered by the commonwealth. Virginia pitched hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in transportation programs and education so the pipeline of talent is fortified.

The company revealing Tuesday it will set up new corporate offices in Crystal City -- just across the Potomac from DC -- plus New York City.

For Virginia, the Governor's office says this means about 25,000 new, high-paying jobs over the next 12 years. Leaders hope to see those benefits spread.

“I think you might see an Amazon coming here as an opportunity that creates some spinoff innovation effects in the other major population centers of Virginia, and even in some rural parts of Virginia," said Kaine.

In the upcoming new Congress, Kaine says he hopes to work across the aisle with Republicans and the Trump administration on a major infrastructure package. He says if they’re able to reach an agreement to enhance broadband and Internet access for rural communities, there could be many new business and tech opportunities on the horizon.

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