Sen. Doug Jones says Space Command headquarters will 'obviously' come to Alabama

WASHINGTON (WAFF/GRAY DC) -- The Secretary of the Air Force confirms Huntsville’s Redstone Arsenal is on the shortlist to house the headquarters for United States Space Command.

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones says Space Command will "obviously" come to Huntsville (Source: Gray DC)

"So I think It only makes sense given all the history of Redstone, given the facilities that we have there, given the personnel that we have there, that the space command will obviously come there. That's my view," Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) said.

Jones also pointed to the fact that Redstone Arsenal helped put the first Americans in space.

Other candidate locations include four Air Force bases in Colorado, Vandenberg AFB in California, and Redstone Arsenal.

Space Command’s creation was approved by Congress in 2018 after direction from the President. Space Command will be the 11th unified combat command.

According to the Air Force the next step in the process will be site surveys and analysis. Locations will be evaluated based on mission requirements, capacity, environmental impact, and cost.

"We’re just going to do what we can to put Alabama and Hunstville’s best foot forward. That’s what I think will carry the day for us," said Sen. Jones.

The Air Force expects to select a preferred location sometime this summer, which will be followed by an environment analysis.

President Donald Trump nominated Air Force General John Raymond who currently leads Air Force Space Command to head the new Space Command last month.

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