9-11 victims, families honored at Pentagon memorial service

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PENTAGON (Gray DC) -- On this somber Tuesday morning, a fog hung over the Pentagon as loved ones reflected on those killed there on September 11, 2001.

“Like if it was yesterday, yes, every day he’s in our hearts," said Vanessa Caledron, whose father, Sergeant First Class Jose Calderon, went to work and never made it home.

Jose Caledron was just nine months out from retirement when terrorists claimed his life, and the lives of many others, at the country’s military nerve center.

Since her father's death, Vanessa Calderon, and the rest of her family, celebrate his love for them and the country.

“We always remember him, his smile, his way of always making us laugh and taking good care of us," she said.

Calderon was one of 184 people killed at the Pentagon 17 years ago. Vice President Mike Pence says the nation continues to honor those legacies by fighting back against terrorism.

“Those courageous men and women turned a day of tragedy into a triumph of freedom," said Pence.

Pence says the deadliest terror attack on American soil brought the nation together, and millions of American heroes stepped up to serve.

“The American people showed on that day and every day since, we will not be intimidated. Our spirit cannot be broken," he said.

As national security remains a top issue, Pence says America’s patriots – along with recent historic defense investments from the federal government – will protect the U.S. from enduring another similar tragedy.

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