Josh Hawley says Senator McCaskill is "Washingtonized"

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. (Gray DC) -- Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Josh Hawley campaigned across the state, saying it is time to send Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill home.

Hawley appeared in St. Charles Wednesday. Hawley called on his opponeto debate him on a flatbed around the state. Team McCaskill prefers a town hall setting.

Hawley says McCaskill is out of step with Missouri on a variety of issues, like health care, immigration and the U.S. Supreme Court.

“She’s been so thoroughly Washingtonized," said Hawley. "She just can’t approach this as a state’s person anymore I mean she needs to be thinking about what’s best for Missouri, what’s best for this country, and she ought to explain herself which is why she ought to come to this stage.”

Hawley also criticized McCaskill's support for the Affordable Care Act, saying Missourians' health care costs have gone up under her watch.

Meantime, Sen. McCaskill says she will be meeting with Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s pick for the nation’s top court when she’s back in DC. McCaskill says she’s reviewing his records, past opinions, and will come to a decision once she has the chance to speak with him.

McCaskill says she wants to make sure a Supreme Court justice would not side with large corporate interests over consumers when it comes to health insurance protections and money in politics.

“My opponent [Hawley] is using the courts to try to wipe out all of the protections that were in the ACA [Affordable Care Act]… There’s a long list of protections that consumers have right now and he is trying to blow those up. And I’m going to try to discern whether or not Judge Kavanaugh would help him,” said McCaskill.

Hawley says he spoke with President Trump and assured him this seat will flip in November.

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