228 delegates up for grabs in the Lone Star State this Super Tuesday

228 delegates are up for grabs tonight in the Lone Star State. That’s the second largest this Super Tuesday, only behind California.

Texans head to the polls on Super Tuesday. (Source: Gray DC)

George Washington University professor Todd Belt said Texas has five percent of the delegates who will ultimately decide the Democratic nominee for President.

He said results tonight will be a huge factor in determining which candidates remain standing.

“A lot of people are going to have to look at themselves and say well, can I still stay in the race. A few have already dropped out even before Super Tuesday and we can certainly expect one or two more to drop out after Super Tuesday," said Dr. Belt.

In Texas, it is not winner take all for the delegates in Texas. Candidates will get a portion of the delegates based on the percentage of votes they receive in each district. 1,991 delegates is the magic number needed to win the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July.

The big question will be if any of the candidates will reach that number at the convention or if it will be a brokered convention.

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