19-year old Weston Lindemann hopes to continue Bernie revolution

Weston Lindemann says he's going to run for State Representative to keep the political...
Weston Lindemann says he's going to run for State Representative to keep the political revolution going.(GRAYDC)
Published: Jul. 27, 2016 at 8:47 PM EDT
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The Mississippi delegation heads into the final day of the Democratic National Convention, with Hillary Clinton their nominee and a party still looking to come together.

19-year old Weston Lindemann is the at-large Bernie Sanders delegate for Mississippi.

"I’m also going to get to actually certify a party’s nominee in the same year that I’m going to vote in Presidential election," said Lindemann.

He's not your ordinary teen. Sanders’ message resonated with Lindemann, and though he’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton, he says he’s going to keep the political revolution ablaze.

"Issues that are too important to ignore, he’s to the left of Hillary," said Lindemann. "That’s something that stood out to me."

The 19 year old cites bad trade deals, campaign finance reform, and standing up to Wall Street. In deep red Mississippi, Lindemann says younger folks like himself have to be important voices of change.

"It’s a fresh face for one," said Lindemann. "So when you talk to people about politics, they don’t immediately tune you out because you’re young. Instead, they listen more because you might have something new to say."

Lindemann says he wants to revolutionize Mississippi politics to point the state in a better direction than the one in which it’s headed.

"We’ve got so much further to go," said Lindemann. "The Democratic Party’s ideas and values will carry us a long way and it’s about time we start heading in that direction."

Lindemann plans to run for State Representative in two years to keep the revolution burning.

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