President Biden to travel to Minnesota

Published: Oct. 31, 2023 at 5:06 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -President Biden’s trip to Minnesota kicks off a two-week effort by the White House to highlight how Bidenomics and the President’s Investing in America agenda are benefitting rural Americans – a key voting group in next year’s election.

The President and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will visit a family farm in Northfield, Minnesota to highlight the Administration’s efforts to support local farmers and communities.

Will McIntee is Senior Advisor for Rural Engagement at the White House.

“The bipartisan infrastructure law is really historic in nature in meeting the needs of critical infrastructure in our rural communities, everything from investing in high speed, expanding high speed, Internet access to every home, farm and business in rural America to updating our rural roads and bridges.

The President will also tout other benefits to rural communities – including expanding access to clean energy and various efforts to expand access to health care services in rural America. Senior Advisor McEntee says the administration wants to highlight how opportunity is everywhere.

“The real goal here really is to ensure that that that folks don’t have to, you know leave their hometown, don’t have to leave their family to find you know their career, or find opportunity that they can find those opportunities right there at home.”

The White House’s renewed focus on rural America is an acknowledgment that President Biden needs to improve his standing with rural voters in next year’s election. In 2020, according to the bipartisan Pew Research Center, Biden garnered the support of just 35% of rural voters across the country. *

At the White House, I’m Jon Decker.