‘We didn’t make good on our promises’ Congress on aid to Afghani allies

Published: Oct. 9, 2023 at 11:55 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Several members of Congress addressed the ongoing need of Afghani allies that supported the U.S. during the war.

Congress members now saying America didn’t make good on their promises to Afghani allies, as they diligently try to correct the wrong.

There was a lot of emotion behind a press conference where several members of Congress said America broke their promises to our Afghani allies that served us during the war. Lawmakers say many are still waiting in limbo after two years.

“The disastrous withdraw from Afghanistan left Americans and our Afghan Allies -- along with millions of dollars in military equipment, left behind, with no action,” said Representative Zach Nunn.

This exposed Afghani who worked alongside American forces to remove the Taliban. Thousand are still waiting for legal status as congress continues to speak out on their behalf.

“This bill - long overdue effort is about having the backs of the people who had ours when we were overseas,” Representative Jeff Jackson. “It’s not complicated and it’s not partisan and it should have been done a long time ago.”

Congress is asking for support for:

The Afghan Adjustment Act, which is a bipartisan bill that would provide a path to permanent status to tens of thousands of Afghans who were evacuated to the U.S. following the fall of Kabul in August 2021. The legislation expands on reporting and vetting provisions in earlier iterations of the Afghan Adjustment Act and establishes an authorization for appropriations, to ensure that eligible Afghan evacuees have received rigorous vetting and screening, while providing pathways to protection for those left behind and at risk outside of the United States.

And the Afghan Allies Protection Act, which provides a path to permanent citizenship for Afghans who evacuated to America during President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. The bill also ensures American security by implementing a better evacuee vetting system, and better protects our Afghan allies by improving the process for referring our allies for priority refugee status.

Congress is hopeful to pass legislation this year.