Never Forgotten Honor Flight honors Wisconsin veterans

Published: Sep. 25, 2023 at 5:17 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Vietnam veterans like Clyde Reynolds experienced a time when they were not treated with reverence.

“When I’d be on the airplane or whatever, somebody wouldn’t want to sit by me because I had my uniform on,” Reynolds said. “And they would ask the hostess to switch seats.

Monday, the Never Forgotten Honor Flight brought about 100 veterans, mostly from the Vietnam era, to the Nation’s Capital, on an all expenses paid trip.

“Brings back old memories,” Vietnam era veteran Larry Worzella said. “And i’m enjoying it. It’s a wonderful thing that they’re doing for us.”

The trips honors veterans, but not all of it is easy, especially seeing the names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

“It brings you to tears because, they never get to know their kids,” veteran Bob Miller said. “I mean this is, this is sad. This is a sad wall. You’re honoring people, but when you look at this, what do you say?”

As challenging as some of the trip can be, veterans experience it together.

“It’s a whole different perspective when you’re on a plane with about 100 and some vets, and you unload, and you come over here and you see this, and each guy knows someone on the wall,” Miller said.