GOP presidential hopefuls attend conservative summits

Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 12:39 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - GOP presidential hopefuls are making appearances at two conservative summits in the nation’s capital on Friday.   Christians and Republicans gathered at the 3rd Annual Pray Vote Stand Summit, a national gathering of spiritually active governance engaged conservatives. In another part of Washington D.C., the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee Summit, a group of women who protects and promotes Bilbical values and Constitutional principles.

Leaders and voters say they are fired up to take back the White House and America.  “Biden is no president, we don’t have a president,” Olanders Clark an attendee said.

Voters are looking for a strong leader who’s knowledgeable of critical issues facing America. But most importantly - voters want a leader with deep Christian values.

“I want to see the main issue that’s facing us today is the same sex marriage issue,” Clark said. “That comes before anything else. After conquering that, we will have an uphill battle conquering all the other issues.”

“I want (the next President) to not be weak,” Eugenie McKarran from Louisiana said. “We have too much weakness in the White house right now. We need someone who understands foreign policy and what the American people want.” Virginia Prodan immigrated from Romania because of the freedom and rights afforded to Americans. Like many Republicans, she’s a Trump supporter but is keeping an open mind to all candidates.  “First I have to listen and then I have to make a decision,” Prodan said. “At this point I want to give 100 percent chance to everyone because America gave me a chance to rebuild my life.”

Conservatives believe the swelling momentum for a change in leadership and ideology will win over most Americans by November of 2024.