Arguments coming to a close in the case against Phoenix Oath Keeper Edward Vallejo

Published: Jan. 18, 2023 at 6:55 PM EST

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - The case against an Arizona Oath Keeper is coming to an end in Washington. Closing arguments took place Wednesday before the jury deliberates and decides the fate of Phoenix man Edward Vallejo.

The courtroom was packed at Prettyman District Courthouse for closing arguments in the case against four members of the anti-government militia group. Vallejo faces four serious charges related to the January 6 insurrection.

The government plead with the jurors to find the defendants guilty on all counts including three conspiracy charges. Vallejo is accused of participating in the insurrection from afar, holding weapons at the ready in Arlington as part of a “Quick Reaction Force” that was ready to step in if his fellow Oath Keepers needed assistance during the violence at the Capitol.

Prosecutors tried to show there was an agreement among the Oath Keepers to try to stop official proceedings at the Capitol and obstruct the transfer of power. The government also told jurors there were attempts to use force and delete evidence as part of a conspiratorial coverup.

Vallejo’s defense team, separate from the other three standing trial with him, responded that their defendant should not be added to the charges when he did not step foot near Capitol grounds. The defense added there was no plan to stop certification or stop the transfer of power, citing multiple examples of the lack of communication and coordination among the group. Vallejo’s team argued he was simply there to provide rides to anyone in need and cook for the group of protestors, not to bring guns from the hotel.

Despite starting the day with closing arguments, the government still gets one more rebuttal to all the defendants’ closing arguments Thursday morning. After that, the jury will deliberate and decide if Ed Vallejo is guilty and on what counts.