Massachusetts volunteers are crossing state lines to try to secure Democrats control of Congress

Published: Sep. 6, 2022 at 11:36 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - In Massachusetts, Democrats control every seat in the U.S. House and in the U.S. Senate. But in an election year where control of Congress is at stake, Democratic state party chair Gus Bickford said “we never take anything for granted.”

His volunteers are campaigning across the Bay State and in other states where Democrats may be vulnerable.

“We really do a good job of basically making sure our resources are efficient. But, we also do a great deal of negotiating with our volunteers because our volunteers feel the same type of pressure,” he said. “And they’re like, ‘oh it seems like things are going well here in Massachusetts. What can we do?’ So, we negotiate with them to, you know, spend four weekends here and then go spend three weekends somewhere else. And, we actually help with that. We coordinate with New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, other states, Georgia and Florida, with those people who want to travel further. And, we make sure that we send volunteers so that in those swing states where there are some districts that are purple we can keep those districts blue or elect someone blue in them.”

All members of the U.S. House are up for re-election, including Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.). The House is currently split between 219 Democrats, 211 Republicans, and 5 vacancies. The Senate has a 50-50 split between the parties. Massachusetts doesn’t have any Senators up for re-election this year.

Many Republicans feel confident a flip is coming.

“We really need a change in leadership. We have to retire Nancy Pelosi. We have to retire Chuck Schumer. We have to retire Congressman Neal. We have to bring commonsense policies back to work for the American people and turn our country around,” said Danielle Alvarez of the Republican National Committee.

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