Can a Mississippi Republican win reelection despite voting for Jan 6th Committee?

Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 3:07 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Mississippi voters will soon make it known how much they care about a Republican supporting a January 6th committee.

Political Newcomer Michael Cassidy is now in a runoff with Representative Michael Guest, R-MS, because neither won 51% of the vote in the election earlier this month.

Guest and fellow Mississippi GOP Rep. Steven Palazzo became the first two Mississippi incumbent Republicans to be forced into a primary runoff election in 70 years, according to the Associated Press.

Guest said the June 7 election had a low turnout, and he needs to remind voters of his conservative record.

“We’re trying to build on that turnout,” Guest said. “We know that we have a lot of people who have voted for us in the past who didn’t turn out and vote this time. And we’re also pushing back on the fact that our opponent tried to redefine us through negative attack ads.

Guest wants voters to know he voted for a law enforcement investigation of the violence on January 6. He did not vote for what the committee ultimately became.

“I did not vote for Nancy Pelosi’s select committee which we have now,” Guest said. “I think all Republicans, all conservatives would believe that is nothing more than political theater and a witch hunt.”

Guest finished the initial primary race nearly tied with Cassidy. The Associated Press showed him with a slight 47.5%-47% lead.

Michael Cassidy, a Former Navy Pilot and current civilian pilot said he is focused on the American people.

“I’m running on an American first message. I believe in having election integrity bills. In having a much stronger America first policy on Immigration.”

Mississippi State Professor Brian Shoup says he believes Guest is in this position mostly because he voted for a January 6th committee.

“There are a lot of American voters who feel that President Trump is a person who speaks for them, and to that end there is kind of this felt desire, I think, for many of those voters for expressions of pure, unswerving loyalty,” Shoup said.

The winner of the race will move on to the General election November 8, where they will face off against Democrat Shuwaski Young.

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