Late World War II hero Bob Dole’s gift to veterans

Ohio representative recalls World War II Memorial effort with late Bob Dole
Ohio representative recalls World War II Memorial effort with late Bob Dole(Gray DC)
Published: Dec. 7, 2021 at 7:25 PM EST

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - A war-hardened hero from the heartland. The nation continues to look back on the life of the late Senator Bob Dole this week after he died Sunday at 98. His legacy will live on from Russell, KS to the nation’s capital.

A plaque is surrounded by flowers on the grounds of the National World War II Memorial. The plaque serves as an eternal reminder that Bob Dole helped bring this memorial to fruition on the national mall in Washington. The memorial serves as an everlasting recognition of the war that changed Dole, and millions of Americans, forever.

Dole lost the use of his right arm, and almost his life, after being struck by Nazi ammunition during combat in Italy. The experience did not stop him from serving in Congress for three decades, or serving his country after holding office.

“That memorial represents the greatest accomplishment of the 20th century - the victory of liberty over tyranny. And Bob Dole lived that,” said Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH).

Kaptur wrote the legislation that led to the creation of the World War II Memorial. Between Kaptur and Dole, nearly two decades of work in and out of Congress led to the approval for the memorial.

“I can remember during many ceremonies where he would put me up there first even though he was the wounded veteran,” said Kaptur.

Dole served as the national chairman of the memorial. Kaptur credits his strong fundraising abilities to help get the job done. It was a job dear to both of their hearts.

“He was part of a generation that didn’t ask for anything. They gave everything,” said Kaptur.

The late senator will no longer be welcoming veteran honor flights like he did for years. But the memorial he brought to life will continue to stand tall for the greatest generation and generations since as a tribute to those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Kaptur says those like Bob Dole.

“Someone who kept fighting for his country every day of his life,” said Kaptur.

Remembrances for Dole in Washington will continue throughout the week. He will lie in state at the US Capitol on Thursday. A memorial service for Dole will be held at the National Cathedral on Friday.

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