Fully-vaccinated South Carolina Congressman tests positive for Covid-19

Rep. Ralph Norman reacts to the impeachment inquiry, Syria policy and the death of long-time...
Rep. Ralph Norman reacts to the impeachment inquiry, Syria policy and the death of long-time Congressman Elijah Cummings during an interview in his office on Capitol Hill. (Source: GrayDC)(GRAYDC)
Published: Aug. 5, 2021 at 1:45 PM EDT
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC/AP) - Fully-vaccinated Congressman Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) announced Thursday that he had tested positive for Covid-19. The Rock Hill lawmaker, who is 68 years old, shared that he underwent testing after waking up with “minor symptoms.”

A statement from his office said, “Thankfully, I have been fully vaccinated and my symptoms remain mild. To every extent possible, I will continue my work virtually while in quarantine for the next ten (10) days.”

Earlier this week, fellow South Carolina Republican, Senator Lindsey Graham, disclosed that he also tested positive for the virus after coming down with a “flu-like” illness. He’s quarantining and recovering, according to a spokesman.

Graham told the Associated Press he felt “achy and kind of yucky” through the weekend. Graham said Thursday that his symptoms had been steadily improving, although Monday and Tuesday were “pretty tough days.” He said he believed his symptoms would have been much worse had he not been vaccinated.

“It went from sort of a mild sinus infection until just a full-blown, feeling like crap,” Graham told AP.

Norman and Graham’s positive Covid tests coincide with several other fully-vaccinated lawmakers and officials in Washington recently becoming infected with the virus. Five Texas Democratic state lawmakers, a White House official and a staffer for Speaker Nancy Pelosi were all infected with Covid-19, despite all having been fully vaccinated.

Florida Rep. Vern Buchanan (R), another member of Congress who is also fully vaccinated, also recently tested positive for Covid-19. He has now resumed his official duties as a legislator.

Last week, Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) shared that he and his family are battling Covid-19 for a second time. To date, Higgins has not publicly disclosed his vaccination status.

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