Va. Senators weigh in on Trump impeachment trial

Published: Feb. 11, 2021 at 4:21 PM EST
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Virginia Democratic Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are still weighing the evidence of the historic second impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump. While they sit as jurors in the Senate this week, both at the end of the day say Trump bears responsibility for the violent storming of the Capitol.

“I want our country to move forward. I want there to be unity. But there’s also got to be some accountability,” said Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.).

The House impeachment managers claim Trump incited supporters to target the Capitol on January 6th and block the Electoral College certification. Warner says the Democrats laid out a strong and compelling case.

“For me, who lived through that, on January 6th. I was on the floor that day, got taken out, saw the destruction that was brought by the mob, it was a hard day. It brought back the anger, it brought back the frustration,” said Warner.

Both Virginia’s Democratic Senators voted to convict Trump in the first impeachment trial.

Now, a spokeswoman for Kaine says in a statement: “Senator Kaine voted to convict President Trump last year, saying ‘Unchallenged evil spreads like a virus’ and that acquittal would lead to worse behavior…Donald Trump has disgraced the country by fomenting a rebellion against Congress to try to stop it from doing its constitutional duty.”

But opponents of this impeachment trial say it’s politically-motivated and that those who stormed the Capitol and broke laws are the ones who should be prosecuted.

“What they really want to accomplish here in the name of the constitution is to bar Donald Trump from ever running for political office again. But this is an affront to the constitution, no matter who they target today,” said David Schoen, Trump’s defense lawyer.

A guilty verdict requires two-thirds of senators voting to convict, meaning 17 Republicans would need to get on board if all the Democrats vote against Trump.

It is possible the trial wraps this weekend. The Democrats are expected to end their arguments Thursday, and Trump’s defense lawyers will make their rebuttal on the Senate floor Friday.

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