South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman faces Democratic challenger Moe Brown in re-election campaign

Published: Nov. 3, 2020 at 9:00 AM EST
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- In South Carolina’s 5th Congressional race, Rep. Ralph Norman, a Republican, is going up against Democrat Moe Brown. Washington News Bureau Reporter Alana Austin interviews the two candidates on whether this red district can be flipped come election night.

“This has an enthusiasm that I have not seen, even in the 2016 election," said Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.).

GOP Congressman Ralph Norman says conservative voters in his district are fired up this election cycle, especially on the issues of law and order and the economy.

Norman – a real estate developer turned politician – says he thinks the Democrats have simply moved too far to the left.

“You’ve got a socialistic view of government running everything verses a capitalistic system of we the people getting involved," said Norman.

Several non-partisan political tracking agencies say Republicans have this race in the bag. University of South Carolina political science professor, Robert Oldendick, explains why he expects this seat to remain in Republican hands. Watch the video below for his analysis:

But the Democratic challenger, Moe Brown, says he sees momentum on their side.

“The key is that I’m best able to represent this fifth district because of my ability to lead," said Brown.

Brown – a proud Gamecock and former captain of the football team – says while he may be an underdog in this race. He and his family have overcome challenges, like poverty, and he wants to help neighbors survive and thrive through these tough times.

Brown said part of his campaign’s strategy is strongly targeting 28,000 households with messaging for independent voters and disaffected republican women who did not vote for Trump.

“I understand exactly what decisions I make as a congressman will have on the people of this district, and having a relationship that is a partnership," said Brown.

And on the key issue of health care this election season, Brown said he would help strengthen protections in the Affordable Care Act, while Norman says he still wants to see Obamacare repealed and replaced with a more free-market system.

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