Idaho DNC Delegate describes virtual experience

Idaho DNC delegate Deborah Silver describes virtual experience
Idaho DNC delegate Deborah Silver describes virtual experience
Published: Aug. 20, 2020 at 4:03 PM EDT
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - The coronavirus forced the Democratic National Convention to go virtual. Idaho Democratic delegate Deborah Silver is participating from home this week in Twin Falls. She and fellow delegates are finding ways to keep the convention spirit alive.

“It is exciting, even in this virtual world,” said Silver.

Back in 2012, Silver was surrounded by crowds cheering on then-Presidential incumbent Barack Obama in Charlotte. But this year, she is tuning in from her backyard.

Silver said she is feeling the excitement through her television screen, and is proud to represent Idaho Democrats in the unprecedented convention.

“It’s a very emotional experience too because everyone wants to go to a national convention. If you’re involved in politics, it’s the equivalent of a Super Bowl,” said Silver.

She and her state’s delegation are keeping morale high despite social distancing. They created convention goodie bags for each other.

Silver’s contribution is a sign of the times—face masks celebrating Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“I had to specially order the fabric that says Biden and it says Idaho. It was fun to do that and take part in making sure the delegates get the special experience,” said Silver.

American historian Allan Lichtman is praising the DNC’s virtual convention format. He says the pomp and circumstance is unnecessary.

“It’s been a very long time since conventions have been meaningful,” said Lichtman. “You vastly reduce the carbon footprint, you vastly reduce the cost,” he said.

“Almost all viewers view it on social media or television anyway,” continued Lichtman.

Thursday is the last night of the streamed and televised convention. The night’s events will include the most anticipated speech by Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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