Is Nevada up for grabs in November? Party leaders weigh in

Published: Aug. 18, 2020 at 1:18 PM EDT
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Political experts say Nevada is up for grabs this November. The Silver State went to the Democrats in recent elections, but party organizers on both sides say they are investing heavily statewide to attract voters this year.

Party leaders said Nevada is gearing up to be a key battleground state come November. Campaign officials on both sides say they are pouring resources across the state to strengthen their ground game.

Nevada saw victory for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and a blue wave in 2018. So is Nevada now blue?

Nevada’s Democratic leaders are not convinced as the 2020 presidential election nears.

“I think it’s purple,” said Nevada Lt. Governor Kate Marshall.

Lt. Gov. Kate Marshall, Vice-Chair at the Democratic National Convention this year, admits Nevada is a swing state. To help Democrats gain a foothold, Marshall is participating in phone banks and Zoom calls to reach all demographics.

“It’s not only African Americans and Latinos, but we also have the fastest growing Asian-American population in the country,” said Marshall. “It’s really wide open in terms of how they’ll vote”.

Nevada is part of the Democratic National Committee’s Battleground Build Up 2020 investment, which is helping state parties increase campaign resources.

Nevada’s Democratic party has been busy doubling on-the-ground field organizers, shifting to virtual events during the pandemic, finding new ways to register voters online and protecting voter rights.

All these efforts are paying off in places like Washoe County, according to the DNC’s David Bergstein.

“Washoe County is really ground zero for the way the state is moving away from Republicans…what you’re seeing is Democrats and Republicans neck and neck in voter registration,” said Bergstein.

Trump strategist Marc Lotter says they have been outworking the Democrats across the state for the past year and they will keep that momentum going.

“We think we can flip it into the red column…We saw the lowest unemployment rate in history for black Americans, for Hispanic and Latino Americans. This is a President that wants to lift all boats regardless of color, regardless of your gender.”

Lt. Gov. Marshall speaks about the virtual convention experience

A Democratic National Committee Vice Chair and Lt. Gov. Kate Marshall said she is excited to be participating virtually from her Reno home this week.

Marshall participated in panels Monday and Tuesday via Zoom. She said the experience this year gives every single delegate a front row seat to the action.

The four themes of the convention this week are We the People, Leadership Matters, A More Perfect Union and America’s Promise.

She hopes the messages each night will energize Nevadans.

“We have a unity ticket. We have a ticket that’s going to put the united back in United States. We have a ticket that’s going to talk about what we are as a country, who we represent as a country, what our promises are that we make to the people of this country. It’s a ‘We the People’ ticket,” said Marshall.

The primetime speakers slated for Tuesday evening include former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

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